I, Research Software Engineer

Mike Croucher

Co-Founder of Sheffield RSE group http://rse.shef.ac.uk/

Twitter: @walkingrandomly

Neil Lawrence

"How would you like to ditch your commute,

and change the world?"

Sheffield RSE - March 2015



Enhance The University of Sheffield's capacity to produce high quality, efficient and sustainable research software

....for the entirely of human knowledge

....in all relevant languages and technologies

Sheffield RSE - Co-founders

Sheffield RSE - Now

My 'plan'

  1. Help academics with software
  2. ??????
  3. ??????
  4. Profit!!!

Culture and values

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Many researchers

  • I am under-resourced
  • I lack training
  • I don't have time
  • I feel so alone
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Our degree modules

Supporting other's modules

Sheffield RSE - Support

92% of academics use research software

We help them use and develop it better

For teaching and research

We have a problem!


John Mcindoe

The talk

RSE problems

  • No career pathway
  • Not recognised by HR as a thing
  • Not many RSE groups
  • Lack of recognition for software itself

Accept it

This is how things are.



  • IT department
  • The library
  • Departmental RSEs
  • Sheffield R User's group


  • UK RSE
  • Tier-2 HPC centres
  • Software Sustainability Institutey
  • Archer Champions
  • RSE-Leaders


  • Software Carpentry
  • NASA Datanauts
  • Mozilla OpenScience
  • OpenDreamKit


Diversity - people

Diversity - people

Diversity - people

Diversity - technology

Diversity - projects

HPC in Urban Studies courses

RSE Values

  • Support
  • Courage
  • Community
  • Diversity