Supporting Research Software Engineering

Mike Croucher

EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellow
Sheffield Open Data Science Initiative
Research Software Engineering at Sheffield

2 Research Software Engineering Fellows in Sheffield

First Fellowship of its kind

GPU Computing

With the optimized code, I was able to include more samples and larger collection of gene sets. Before, it took about 2 hours to process each sample, now it takes less than 10 minutes

Yered Pita-Juarez (Harvard, Language used: R)

"[When we found you], We really feel that we have found the missing piece in the puzzle."

Rosie Staniforth, biochemist, University of Sheffield

"You're my hero!"

University of Sheffield Biology lecturer

Software is not valued in academia

The future?

  • Core funded software support staff (like me!)
  • Faculty tenure based on software output?
  • The first RSE Professor?

Please help

  • First Contact
  • Demonstrating impact
  • New technology
  • Good practice
  • Changing culture
  • ???????