The RSE Story

Mike Croucher

Principal Customer Success Engineer



October 14th 2021

Launch event of RSE Asia

Tributes and events from around the world

You may have questions!

What is Research Software Engineering?

Why is it so important?

What does it have to do with you?

Some history

EPSRC: 2009

There appears to be a lot of software out there...

...someone should really do something about it

2010: Software Sustainability Institute

Originally funded by EPSRC

Now funded by all 7 research councils

Who is using research software?

What Software are they using?

We have a problem!

No career path for software experts in academia

Too much Software?

No Papers?

My job title at the time

IT Officer

My job title after much effort

IT Officer (Research)

Me: 2009

  • Terrified of IT restructures. Role not formally recognised
  • Felt trapped at my host University
  • Research Software Accident and Emergency
  • Many people valued me but the system did not
  • Then everything started to change......

We got a name

What is an RSE?

We got financial support

SSI Fellowships

EPSRC RSE Fellowships

~£3 million for 7 people for 5 years

We got organised

We got journals....

...and ways to directly cite software

We got our own REF!

Northumbria has some excellent research software!

What's next in the RSE story?