Research Computing

Mike Croucher

Head of Research Computing, University of Leeds

EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellow

Co-Founder of Sheffield RSE group

Twitter: @walkingrandomly


There appears to be a lot of software out there...

...someone should really do something about it

Is Software Important?

"Witnesses struggled to point to a sector of the economy that was unaffected by digital technologies."

Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future, Select Committee on Digital Skills

What Software?

We have a problem!

No career path for software experts in academia


4 staff

Supporting 1000 researchers

No change in investment level since 2008

Switch off 7500 cores

Buy ~2500 cores

The future?

A new research computing group


Enhance The University of Leeds' capacity to produce high quality, efficient and sustainable research software

....for the entirely of human knowledge all relevant languages and technologies

....using appropriate infrastructure

Leeds Research Computing

  • Permanent/long term contracts
  • Mix of grant funded and FATPOU
  • Support entire university
  • Underwritten by IT
  • Collaborate with RIS, library, teaching + learning etc
  • Blend of academia and computing

FATPOU needs institutional support

Costed Support

Examples from Sheffield

Align with the University business

Examples from Sheffield

HPC in Urban Studies courses

Research Computing - possible structure

  • Research Engagement Team
  • Specialist computing (aka free RSE)
  • RSE projects team
  • Research Infrastructure
  • What do I need?

    • Immediate investment in infrastructure
    • Commitment to invest in Free At Point of Use Support
    • Commitment to invest in expertise development
    • Time
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