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___ and R

How R relates to other technologies

Mathematica and R

Mathematica is a powerful commercial computational system with strong computer algebra support and a notebook interface.

Mathematica demo

Video on R + Mathematica

Mathematica training

October 11th - http://rse.shef.ac.uk/training/

Intel and R

Intel Compiler

Very fast C++ compiler


Intel Compiler

Potentially faster packages that make use of Rcpp

University of Lancaster: 2x speed up in one in-house case

I'm looking for other examples

Intel Math Kernel Library

An implementation of BLAS/LAPCK and FFT

Linear algrebra etc

Fastest available

Intel at Sheffield

Accelerated R on Iceberg - http://rse.shef.ac.uk/blog/intel-R-iceberg/

Get Compiler + MKL for your machine - https://cics.dept.shef.ac.uk/software/

Maple and R

Maple can generate R code from Maple expressions.

NAG Library and R

You can use NAG Library routines in R programs.

Microsoft and R

R Tools for Visual Studio Links

Microsoft maintain an enhanced version of R

Microsoft maintain a snapshotted CRAN with time machine

Microsoft let you run R-enabled notebooks in the cloud

For free!

Jupyter notebooks in Azure



Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

GPU Video

Program them in CUDA

Spark and R

Spark and R

  • Thousands of CPU cores
  • Terabytes of memory

Why am I telling you this?


R technologies day